Monday, January 3, 2011

Blue scarf!

I'm on a roll! This beauty just came off the blocking pins. I used Cascade's new yarn, Epiphany - 60% Royal Alpaca, 20% Cashmere and 20% Silk. The pattern is "Annis" from You can DO it, too!!!!

Plum scarf...

Neck still cold? Fondle two skeins of Jade Sapphire's 6 ply cashmere. Buy Pam Powers' pattern, "Ruffles and Ruches Scarf". Knit it, although we should invent a new word to describe the feeling of knitting with the most perfect yarn for the most perfect project. Any thoughts?

Red scarf...

Take three skeins of Cascade's Chunky Baby Alpaca, pull two ends from each strand, so SIX strands. Cast on 9 stitches. Now, do seed stitch until it's all gone and voila!

A new year begins...

Oh, but a blog is both a blessing and a bane. I don't always have newsworthy thoughts and I'm not one of those folks who thinks EVERY DAMN THING is newsworthy. I accept that most of life is made up of mundane little bits and pieces and it's okey doke. Remember, if everything is special, then nothing is special. By way of example, I will sum up my year according to the importance of the event.

1. We are happy and healthy.
2. Betsy and Jason got engaged!
3. The shop is doing great.

There! In a nutshell! I wish good things to you.