Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Example of the Importance of Small Things...

Times are tough. Life is complicated. And I have found the balm that eases the stress on my soul. Swallow your coffee before reading on... self-striping sock yarn! I'm on my third pair in 9 days! I amaze all beholders! Why this sea change in a woman known to rant about the dullness of sock knitting? Maybe I'm mellowing in my old age, but I don't think so. I wanted a thrill in my knitting since my life didn't seem to have any and now that life is tossing thrills out faster than I can bat at them I want my knitting to feel languid and calming. Of course, there is the heady excitement when the color changes! What's that all about? I can see it coming. I know it's in the pipeline and yet I'm still shocked when it arrives on my needles! I'm such a baby, but I'm a baby with a new toy and I'm luvin' it!

KnitKnitPurlPurlKnitKnitPurlPurl, TEAL! KnitKnitPurlPurlKnitKnitPurlPurl, BURGUNDY! .......aaaaaahhhhh.


  1. I've never knit socks but now I'm a bit tempted!

  2. I'm sorry times are tough right now, but I know what will cheer you up: I'm in Denver and this city has an excellent GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY! I've been eating cupcakes and chocolate cake and gluten-free girl scout cookies, even. I'll bring you back something that won't melt or squish on the plane. Feel better! I've never used self-striping yarn but I think I'd get a kick out of it, too.