Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Knitless Weekend

Well, Spring is here. I know when it arrives because NOTHING can keep me in a chair. I tried to knit. I wanted to knit. I simply couldn't knit one stitch. Instead, I did paper work and sorted through my books and other belongings - typical Spring Nest Building. Cheryl came in this morning and said she did exactly the same thing. It's necessary and part of the renewal process. I've already uncovered ideas that were buried under the weight of mail and un-filed papers. Stay tuned for a burst of creative energy!

p.s. - Today is our 25th Wedding Anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I have also had trouble picking up the needles, but instead have been picking up tree branches in our yard from the eind and rainstorms. If I tell myself to pick the needles up for a mere 10 minutes...I'm good for an hour!

  2. Add a very slow home renovation project to the reasons I can't sit and knit. I don't have a place to sit!