Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Knitting Sally, the Eco Fairy

Yesterday, a hip, young thing named Alia (see? even her name is hip!) came in looking for yarn to knit Sally, the Eco Fairy. Sally was a beauty from a while back - you can find her in their archives. Many of you know how suggestible I am when I see you carrying armloads of one of my yarns. It usually goes like this, "Lopi! Now I want to knit with Lopi!" and then three minutes later, "Silky Wool! Now I want to knit with Silky Wool!" On and on. Well, Sally jumped on my needles before I could stop her for two reasons: 1. she's quick, and 2. she's fun. I'm not a dolly girl, but I started thinking how much fun it would be to give her brown skin and and little french knots for hair and put something subversive on her little underpants. I can make her hefty in a worsted weight yarn or petite in a fingering weight. Scraps will be used. Does it really get better than this?

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    Had to share this funny article from the NYP about the Midnight Knitter!