Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who is Joe Fisher?

So, there's this knitting farmer down in Winterport. He knits great stuff but is KNOWN around here for his, hmm, what should I call them? Dr. Who monsters? Sea critters? Garlic? All of the above? We honestly have no idea what that man will bring in next. He designed a gorgeous entrelac yoke sweater and brought it to us sloshing in a bucket. Needed help blocking. His teeny, little mom came in wearing the Christmas sweater he knit for himself (Joe is Bunyanesque).

Gauge?!! He signed up for Cheryl's Bohus hat class and then SUFFERED at my counter when I made him knit a swatch. Two rows is plenty! Joe learns, though. He's planning Meg Swansen's Christmas sweater this year and will be spinning and dyeing the yarn for it from his Icelandic sheep. And making a really big gauge swatch. In pattern. Right, Joe?

So, who is Joe Fisher?

One of the reasons I love my job.


  1. This is such a fantastic post--and what a cool guy! While I am starting my knitting frenzy with hats, a scarf (with color blocks to increase levels of maintained sanity), a medusa loop scarf, a jute bag, and hopefully soon a little garden slug (not quite large sea creatures just yet), I can absolutely appreciate a desire to make cool and quirky things AND an aversion to gauge swatches! And when it's time for me to block, I'll be coming by with my sweater sloshing in a bucket, too!